About Us

The Odisha RTE Forum- a collective domain of important education networks and alliances, donor and implementing agencies, civil society organizations, teacher unions and concerned individuals has been constituted in the line of the National RTE Forum and acts as the state chapter for the same. The Forum came into existence through a collective process in tune with the national outfit in the formative stage and was later carried forward by its State Working Committee. However the Forum was formed unanimously on 19th October 2011 and since then the working committee has been sitting regularly to discuss on emerging issue in the realm of RTE.
The mandate of the Odisha RTE Forum is to see that all children of Odisha goes to school and are able to enjoy their Right to Education without any kind of discrimination. As civil society organization it will be our utmost concern that; diverse needs of the children are addressed with sensibility, self-respect and dignity. The approach of the Forum in this regard is to facilitate a coordinated and united effort taking into consideration all the stake holders in the process.
A common action agenda has been chalked out for the Odisha RTE Forum to pursue the momentum in the long run. A proposed action plan has been developed in consonance with the national agenda and keeping in view the realities in the State. Some specific programmes/ activities in this regard shall be as follows.
1.    Pushing forward policy change in the state rule as the needs of different marginalized groups are not properly addressed in the same.
2.    Highlighting major gaps in the process of RTE implementation in the State and drawing the attention of the state in this regard.
3.    Stock taking on the implementation of the Act in the State on a yearly basis.
4.    Raising policy issues needing legislative action like tribal education and issues of migrant children that are challenges to implementation of RTE in Odisha.
5.    Conducting research activity on the process of RTE implementation in the State and documenting the best practices.
6.    Preparing an inventory of organization, network, individuals and agencies working on education in the state both at the central and grass root level in Odisha.
7.     Organizing public hearing, social audit and interface programmes.
8.     Organizing capacity building and training and promoting innovative practices.

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