Working Committee

To carry forward the activities of the Forum it was agreed upon that initially all the agencies, organizations and networks who have initiated the process of the Forum would be taken as members of the Working Committee. Those apart, keeping in view the accessibility issue, Bhubaneswar-based organizations were also taken as part of the Working Committee. In future there could be a larger committee involving all the grass root player and activists to steer the activity of the forum. It was decided that the larger body could convene in each quarter to appraise the development on RTE and recommend necessary actions.

Working Committee of ORTEF

Odisha RTE Forum shall have a Working Committee consisting of membership of organisations and individuals working at grassroots, state level organisations, Conveners of networks and supporting agencies working in the field of education. The following are first Working Committee members of ORTEF:

  1. Anil Pradhan, Convenor ORTEF and Member-Secretary, Sikshasandhan
  2. Naba Kishore Pujari, Advocacy Officer, NCE-Odisha
  3. Diganta Mohanty, Programme Manager, Girls Education, CARE India
  4. Bharati Chakra, Advocacy Officer, Save the Children
  5. Shirin Naseem, Programme Officer, OXFAM India
  6. Blorin Mohanty, BGVS, Odisha
  7. Janmejaya Patel, SES and Convenr, ORien
  8. Ranjan Mohanty, Secretary, PECUC
  9. Umi Daniel, MIRC-South Asia
  10. Ashis Sarkar, Programme Manager, CRY-Kolkata
  11. Lalita Patnaik, UNICEF, Odisha
  12. Ananta Swain , CYSD, Bhubaneswar
  13. Prasanna Mishra, RRO, Keonjhar
  14. Sudatta Khuntia, Programme Manager, Action aid
  15. Pradipta Nayak, IHRE- Odisha
  16. Padma Das, Secretary, STAR, Mayurbhanj
  17. Smruti Ranjan Jena, IGNUS-ERG,Bhubaneswar
  18. Sangita Puhan, Plan India
  19. Umasankar Sahu, Convener, VCRO
  20. Sudhir Sabat, Convener, CACL, Odisha
  21. Khuturam Sunani, Activists, Nuapada
  22. Sneha Mishra, Secretary, AAINA
  23. Amarjit Jena, Infinite vision-Bhubaneswar
  24. Umesh Purohit, YSC-Bolangir
  25. Member, YCDA

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